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Angle conversion calculator is used to convert units between Radian, Degree, Minutes, Seconds, Sign, Octant, Sextant, Quadrant, Revolution, Gon, and Mil.

If two lines or surfaces intersect each other, the point where they meet is called angle. We use angles in geometry, trigonometry, geography, mapping, and construction, so angles are very important chapter. We can calculate angle between two lines or surfaces with the help of a protractor.

A complete circle has 2 π radians, so one degree is equivalent to π/180 radians. To convert from degrees to radians, multiply by π/180.

The most common unit of measuring angle is degrees and radians.

  • A full Circle consists of 360 degrees.
  • A Square has 4 angle of 90° the sum of all square 360°
  • Sum of any Triangle angles is 180 degrees.

How to Convert and Calculate Angles?

You can easily convert or calculate angles between Radian, Degree, Minutes, Seconds, Sign, Octant, Sextant, Quadrant, Revolution, Gon, and Mil, in single click. You only have to enter the value into the Value section, and select Convert From value from the drop-down menu. Click on the Convert button. Instantly it will convert into all units.

For Example: if you want convert 45 Degrees to Radians enter the 45 value in the value section and select degree option from the drop-down menu and press the Convert Button.

Answer: 45 Digree / 45° = 0.78539815672289 Radian / 0.78539815672289 rad

Complete List Of Angle Units For Conversion

  • 1 Degree = 0.01745329237162 Radian / 0.01745329237162 rad
  • 1 Degree = 59.998800024 Minutes / 59.998800024'
  • 1 Degree = 3599.999712 Seconds / 3599.999712"
  • 1 Degree = 0.033333333333333 Sign
  • 1 Degree = 0.022222222222222 Octant
  • 1 Degree = 0.016666666666667 Sextant
  • 1 Degree = 0.011111111111111 Quadrant
  • 1 Degree = 0.0027777777777778 Revolution / 0.0027777777777778r
  • 1 Degree = 1.1111111111111 Gon
  • 1 Degree = 17.777777777778 Mil
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