Apparent Power Converter

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The Total Flowing Power is “Apparent Power”

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What is Apparent Power?

Apparent power is the total power flowing, it is measured by multiplying voltage and current (V * I).

For example, if your smartphone charger output 5.2 volts and 2 amps are measured – the apparent power is 10.4VA (VA is volt-amps – the SI unit of apparent power).

This unit converter tool is free Voltage converter. It helps you to convert any voltage units between Volt, Millivolt, Kilovolt, Megavolt, and Gigavolt. 

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How to Convert Voltage?

It is very easy tool to convert into any unit of Voltage-Ampere or Apparent Power. Enter the value and select the unit you want to convert. Click on the Convert button. It will convert into other units in the blink of an eye.

Current conversion tool is very useful tool to convert any voltage ampere units. This unit conversion tool is completely free and accessible from any device.

Apparent Power Converter Table

  • 1 Megavolt (MVA) = 1000000 Volt (VA), Megavolt to Volt
  • 1 Megavolt (MVA) = 1000000000 Millivolt (mVA), Megavolt to Millivolt
  • 1 Megavolt (MVA) = 1000 Kilovolt (kVA), Megavolt to Kilovolt
  • 1 Megavolt (MVA) = 0.001 Gigavolt (GVA), Megavolt to Gigavolt
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