Best Free alternatives to MS Office

MS Office Alternatives to create documents

Whether your school days are over or not, there are many reasons why we all have to make regular documents. It could be anything from personal learning notes to work material or brochure, resume, etc.

To create a document most of us uses MS Office softwares like Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint etc. It is the most popular software among us. But, it is very costly, many of us its is not affordable. Some of of us download pirated softwares from some untrusted source, they often contains malicious programs that herms your device and privency. Now you don't have to download a pirated version of Ms office, we have some free Alternatives to Ms Office.

You can easily create documents, sheets, presentation and more without MS Office and then convert them to PDFs. Everything without spending a single penny.

Let's talk about the options you are waiting for.

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice

Apache Openoffice is one of the best alternative to MS Word, it supports almost all platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is free and open-source software, anyone can use it for personal use and commercially. The main layout similar to MS Office, you will never face any problem if you switch from ms office. You can learn easily the basics of changing fonts, text styles, sizes, alignments, line spacing, etc.

It also has almost all advanced features like converting text into a table, changing the case of text, etc. and it is developing regularly for more features.

Let's take a quick look at why you should try Apache Openoffice?

  • It supports almost all types of file formats;
  • You can use different extensions and templates easily;
  • You can use it for both basic and advanced formatting;
  • It has a live spell-check feature as you type.

Be aware that the initial document format Apache Openoffice supports is ODF, not DOC.

Download Apache Openoffice



If you are searching for powerful productivity suite, filled with advanced features, LibreOffice will be your first preference. You can use this free software even for your business. It has Windows, macOS, and Linux app for various users. LibreOffice 'Writer is a handy application for creating Docs, and has almost all the features you are using in the latest version of Word. There are also have a large number of extensions and templates to choose from.

Let's take a quick look at why you should try LibreOffice?

  • You will find every single feachers, required for document formatting in this bundle;
  • It is very similar to Microsoft's apps, so the menu structure, shortcut keys, and other features will look handy;
  • LibreOffice supports almost any document format (so you can edit files created decades ago);
  • And the best part is that you don't have to pay a penny to use all these features.

LibreOffice does not have any mobile apps or online collaboration.

Download Libreoffice

Google Docs

Google docs

Google Docs is the strongest competitor of Microsoft Word. Google Docs is a web based application, many people prefer using Google docs as they can edit, save or share documents online. 

It is completely free, you don't have to download any third-party softwares or pay for this premium feachers. You only need a google account. After signing up you will get an user-friendly tool bar.

Let's take a quick look at why you should try Google Docs?

  • Easy sharing and real-time editing with other users is certainly very useful feature;
  • It tracks all changes made, so you can easily access your documents history.
  • Its auto save feature is very handy, so you don't have to worry about losing your content;
  • You can quickly access your documents from any device with an internet connection.


Start Using Google Docs

Convert your file to PDF with Online PDF Converter

Now, if you chose best suitable tool for you to create a text document. We have best solution to convert your files to PDF; visit: It's fast, free, and very easy to use

And, if you need more customisations, it will give you a lot of extra tools to use: compression, rotation, convert and many more.

The 3-steps process is easy to convert any documents:

How to Convert Files to PDF:

  1. Drag and drop or select any OpenOffice file into this page. Or Copy/Paste URL in the URL box.
  2. Press the Convert Button.
  3. Download your PDF file.

Thats all about it. Don't worry! We always permanently delete the converted files from our servers as soon as you download your converted files.

ODT to PDF Converter

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