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Make your website smaller and load faster by minifying CSS code

Css Minifier

CSS plays a huge role in modern day websites. A good CSS ensures good user experience. We often need to use more and more CSS code to make our sites look better. Now comes the main problem, large CSS files can slow down site loading speed. Always remember, users don't like slow websites, you should load your site fast.

We have come up with the solution, you don't need to remove the codes to make it faster. You can minify your codes to speed up the site and reduce render blocking time.

different between html css and JavaScript
Difference Between HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

This CSS minifier tool remove all unwanted elements like spacing, indentation, blank lines and comments to reduce file size. This process is very efficient, it also ensures that your code will work as before.

Why Should You Use CSS Minifier?

Because minification affects the speed of your website directly. It is a process by which unnecessary characters are removed from the source code of a website. Minification is done for the purposes of saving network bandwidth and decreasing load times. Minification not only removes unnecessary characters from a website's source code, but it also removes all comments, unnecessary whitespace, and other superfluous code. CSS comes with a lot of unnecessary code and any web developer worth their salt will tell you that you should always minify your CSS.

How Can You Minify CSS?

You can easily minimize and css file size. You only have to cop and paste your css code into the text box, and then press the Minify button. It will instantly convert your css file to a shorter one.

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