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Currency is the only medium to purchase or consume any product or service. Every country uses its own currency. Every currency have their own rate. 

If you want to buy any goods or services internationally you have to pay for that goods and services in their conventional currency. So you have to exchange your currency to that country currency. 

With this free online currency converter tool you can easily exchange money to any country rate. Money exchange rates are changed every day. This foreign currency exchange tool convert currency as per forex exchange rates.

For Example: IF you are from UAE and want purchase anything from US, you have to convert AED to USD to pay to the merchant.

How To Use this Currency Exchange Tool?

To exchange one currency to another currency, you just have to enter the value and delete the currency name. Then press the Convert button. This foreign curreny exchange tool will immediately convert your money according to all other countries money value.

For Example: You want to convert INR 5400/- to USD. Type 5400 in the Value text box and then select INR from the drop-down box and press the Convert button. It will show you how much INR 5400 is worth in other currencies.

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Why You Need Money Exchange Tool?

For many reasons you need to know foreign exchange rate and value of you money in other countries.

  • If you buy something form outside your country you should know how muy you have to pay for the same product or service.
  • If you are a merchant, you also need to know how much money to ask for your product.
  • If you are traveling to other countries you have to exchange money with you courrency, to spend on your holiday.
  • If you are working in other countries to send your salary to your family to need to know about foreign curreny exchange rate and value.

Country wise Currency Name And Code:

Country Name Currency ISO-4217 Currency Code
Bonaire (Netherlands) United States dollar USD
British Indian Ocean Territory (UK) United States dollar USD
British Virgin Islands (UK) United States dollar USD
Caribbean Netherlands (Netherlands) United States dollar USD
Ecuador United States dollar USD
El Salvador United States dollar USD
Marshall Islands United States dollar USD
Micronesia United States dollar USD
Palau United States dollar USD
Panama United States dollar USD
Saba (Netherlands) United States dollar USD
Sint Eustatius (Netherlands) United States dollar USD
Timor-Leste United States dollar USD
Turks and Caicos Islands (UK) United States dollar USD
United States of America United States dollar USD
Zimbabwe United States dollar USD
Akrotiri and Dhekelia (UK) European euro EUR
Aland Islands (Finland) European euro EUR
Andorra European euro EUR
Austria European euro EUR
Belgium European euro EUR
Cyprus European euro EUR
Estonia European euro EUR
Finland European euro EUR
France European euro EUR
Germany European euro EUR
Greece European euro EUR
Ireland European euro EUR
Italy European euro EUR
Kosovo European euro EUR
Latvia European euro EUR
Lithuania European euro EUR
Luxembourg European euro EUR
Malta European euro EUR
Monaco European euro EUR
Montenegro European euro EUR
Netherlands European euro EUR
Portugal European euro EUR
San Marino European euro EUR
Slovakia European euro EUR
Slovenia European euro EUR
Spain European euro EUR
Vatican City (Holy See) European euro EUR
United Kingdom Pound sterling GBP
India Indian Rupee INR
Australia Australian dollar AUD
Kiribati Australian dollar AUD
Nauru Australian dollar AUD
Tuvalu Australian dollar AUD
Canada Canadian dollar CAD
Japan Japanese yen JPY
Bulgaria Bulgarian lev BGN
Brazil Brazilian real BRL
Liechtenstein Swiss franc CHF
Switzerland Swiss franc CHF
China Chinese Yuan Renminbi CNY
Czechia Czech koruna CZK
Denmark Danish krone DKK
Hong Kong (China) Hong Kong dollar HKD
Croatia Croatian kuna HRK
Hungary Hungarian forint HUF
Indonesia Indonesian rupiah IDR
Israel Israeli new shekel ILS
South Korea South Korean won KRW
Lithuania Lithuanian Litas LTL
Latvia Latvian Lats LVL
Mexico Mexican peso MXN
Malaysia Malaysian ringgit MYR
Norway Norwegian krone NOK
New Zealand New Zealand dollar NZD
Pitcairn Islands (UK) New Zealand dollar NZD
Philippines Philippine peso PHP
Poland Polish zloty PLN
Romania Romanian leu RON
Russia Russian ruble RUB
Sweden Swedish krona SEK
Singapore Singapore dollar SGD
Thailand Thai baht THB
Turkey Turkish lira TRY
South Africa South African rand ZAR
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