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Illuminance Converter

The calculation of wavelengths of light travelling in a particular direction, in a given area is called luminance, and the intensity of light on a surface, in a given area, is called illuminance. We calculate Illuminance to measure the brightness, it is mostly used in photometry. we generally measure Illuminance in Lux (lx).

difference between luminance and Illuminance

This online calculator is very useful tool to convert units of Illuminance. You can convert any units between Microlux, Millilux, Lux, Kilolux, Lumen per square meter, Lumen per square centimeter, Foot candle, Phot, and Nox.

How use Illuminance Unit Converter tool?

This online free unit converter tool is very easy to use. You can convert luminance with just one click. You only have to type the valu and select the unit you want to convert, then press the Convert button. You will get you unit converted to onter units within a second.

Illuminance Convert Table:

  • 1 Lux (lx) = 1000000 Microlux ( μlx)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 1000 Millilux (mlx)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 0.001 Kilolux (klx)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 1 Lumen per Square Meter (lm/m²)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 0.0001 Lumen per Square Centimeter (lm/c²)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 0.09000000009 Foot candle (fc)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 0.0001 Phot (ph)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 1000 Nox
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