JavaScript Beautifier

Beautify, unpack or deobfuscate JavaScript Code

JavaScript Beautifier

Convert your minified, unreadable, compressed or obfuscated JavaScript to a clean readable well-formatted code, with this free online JavaScript Beautifier Tool. It reforms JavaScript codes with proper indentation, newlines, and spaces to make it easily readable.

We generally minify JavaScript to make our site load fast. JavaScript minification tool make code hard to read. you sometimes need to make some changes in your code then minified codes editing may get hard, so you need to beautifly to make any changes.

Beautifly JavaScript

Why Should You Use JavaScript Beautifier Tool

This JavaScript Beautifier/ Formatter Tool lets you reverse engineer minified Js code easily in one click. If you want to add some feachers on your site from other websites you can copy the script and format it with this free converter tool to make changes according to you.

How to Use JavaScript Beautifier

It is very easy to use this online tool, you only have to add amy minified code or script and the press the Beautify button. You will instantly get reformed JavaScript code.


Minified Code:

var root=document.body var count=0 var Hello={view:function(){return m("main",[m("h1",{class:"title"},"Count click JS"),m("button",{onclick:function(){count++}},"You Clicked "+count+" Times")])}}m.mount(root,Hello)

Beautify Code:

var root = document.body
var count = 0
var Hello = {
        view: function() {
        return m("main", [m("h1", {
            class: "title"
        "Count click JS"), m("button", {
            onclick: function() {
        "You Clicked " + count + " Times")])
m.mount(root, Hello)

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