Convert a JSON file to a CSV file for free

JSON to CSV converter

You can convert any JSON data into a CSV (Comma Separated Values) in one click, with this free online JSON to CSV converter tool.

What Is CSV?

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. This is a common file format that is used to store tabular data in plain text. The data inside a CSV file can be easily opened and viewed in a spreadsheet application. This is often helpful when you want to manipulate the data and use it in your own applications. CSV is a text file so you can open it with basically any text editor.

What Is JSON?

JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format. Humans can read and write a JSON file. .json is the file extension of JSON. Know More ->

Why Use JSON to TXT converter?

  • Paste your JSON dada and convert into TSV data.
  • Copy converted CSV file with the copy button.
  • You can use this web-based online tool from any device.
  • Use the Sample data to test this tool with the Sample button.

How to use JSON to CSV Converter?

Copy and paste your JSON data in the textbox, and click on the convert button. Instantly you get the csv data, use it anywhere you want.


Sample JSON data:

[{"Album":"The White Stripes","Year":"1999"},{"Album":"De Stijl","Year":"2000"}]

JSON data Converted to CSV:

"The White Stripes","1999"
"De Stijl","2000"

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