JSON Viewer

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JSON Viewer

JSON viewer is an online free tool, it helps you to check or view your JSON code. This easy tool lets you view your code in tree view format. It will show you the data in simple human readable format.

Why Use This JSON Viewer Tool?

  • This tool helps you to view your code in tree view format.
  • It format your script in easy human readable format.
  • It automatically check for if any error in your code.
  • It helps you to correct the errors.
  • It can be used as JSON Validator, as it finds out errors.
  • You can paste both formatted or minified JSON data.

view JSON code Online

How to Use JSON Viewer?

To view you script, paste your code in the empty box above, and paste the View button. It will load your written code and show you your code in tree form.


Example JSON Code:

Example JSON Code

JSON Viewer Online:

JSon Viewer Online

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