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Pace converter

The average time you take to run a mile is called Running Pace. It generally calculated in minutes. You can calculate pace for many activities like walking, running, biking etc.

This online pace converter, converts pace of running, walking or biking in major three unit of pace. You can easily convert the pace to Minute per kilometer [min/km], Second per Minute[s/m], or Minute per Mile[min/mi].

How to Convert Pace?

It is very easy tool. You only have to enter the pace value and convert from unit, and press the convert button. Instantly it will convert to other units.

This running pace calculator can be used as marathon pace calculator, race pace calculator and more. You only have to enter the time you took for running a mile or kilometres and select the unit accordingly. If you want to calcutale pace in seconds you have to enter the length you run or walk in a minute and select second per munit unit it will calculate seconda per minute.

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