Parts Per Converter

Parts Per Million / Billion / Trillion / Quadrillion Converter

The term part-per is used in science and engineering to indicate small values of the density of a solution.

parts per million to parts per billion

What Is Parts Per Million?

1 PPM means 0.001g or one thousandth part of a gram (1 mg) in 1000ml (1 Ltr). That's mean 1 ppm is 1mg per litre. ppm = mg/ltr

This online part-per converter tool is very useful tool to transform parts-per Million, parts-per Billion, parts per Trillion, or parts-per Quadrillion. You can convert between this units with only one click. 

We need to convert parts-per million (ppm) to parts-per billion (ppb), parts-per trillion or parts-per quadrillion for many reasons. This tool helps to calculate ppm to ppb or other units in one click.

How to use this tool?

  • Enter the value.
  • Select the Unit.
  • Click on the Convert button.
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