Reactive Power Converter

Convert volt into amp, volts to amps calculator

There are two types of AC power, one is real power, and another is, reactive power that is responsible for transformer to transform, generator to generate, and motor to rotate.

Reactive Power Converter

This online free reactive power converter tool lets you convert between Volt-Ampere Reactive, Milliolt-Ampere Reactive, Kilovolt-Ampere Reactive, Megavolt-Ampere Reactive, Gigavolt-and Ampere Reactive.

How to Convert Reactive Power?

Easily convert reactive energy units, with free online unit converter.

  • Type the value and select the unit.
  • Click on the Convert button.

Reactive Power Convert Table

  • 1 Megavolt (MVAR) = 1000000 Volt (VAR), Megavolt to Volt
  • 1 Megavolt (MVAR) = 1000000000 Millivolt (mVAR), Megavolt to Millivolt
  • 1 Megavolt (MVAR) = 1000 Kilovolt (kVAR), Megavolt to Kilovolt
  • 1 Megavolt (MVAR) = 0.001 Gigavolt (GVAR), Megavolt to Gigavolt
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