Преобразователь скорости

Преобразование единиц скорости

speed converter

Any object changing its position to a certain distance in a given time is called speed. In other words how fast you cover a distance in particular time is called speed. Most common Speed unit is Kmph or Kilometre per Hour or km/h.

This online free tool is very useful to convert speed unit. We measure speed in Kilometre per Hour. You can also find the speed in any car speedometer. whit this free unit convert tool you can convert any unit to Meter per second [m/s], kilometer per hour [km/h], Mile per hour [m/h], Kont [kn, kt], Foot per Hour [ft/h], Foot per Minute [ft/min], or Foot per Second [ft/s].

How to Convert Speed?

In a second you can convert any unit to other units of speed. You only have to enter the speed value and unit in the appropriate fields, and then press the Convert button to convert into other units.

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