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Slug is a part of url, that defines a particular page url in human readable text. 

For Example: When we visit a site example.com and the go to another page of that website like About Us the URL will be example.com/about-us. After the example.com url the "about-us" is called slug.

How To identify a Slug?

It is usually the end part of any url. Slug will be unique for every page in a same directory.

Example: example.com/blog/best-blog
Here the part "best-blog" is URL slug and the middle part "blog" defines the folder or directory where the page located.

Why Slug is Important?

URL slug plays an important role on your on page SEO, you should always keep your slug short and descriptive. 

Seo friendly url slug

Best Practice For Making Slugs:

  • Make them human readable
  • Include relevant keywords, keeping them short
  • Keep it short
  • avoid using dates and numbers
  • Stick to lower-case
  • Use hyphens

SEO Friendly Slug Examples:

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How to generate URL slug online?

You can easily generate seo friendly url slug with this online Slug Generator tool. Just copy and paste you article or page title and click on the Generate button. It will instantly create best suitable slug for your post.

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