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URL decoder

The free online URL Decoder is a tool available on WebeTool.com, that will decode URL encoded data. It is used to decode the data found in Uniform Resource Locator (URL) query strings. Its main purpose is to allow you to insert non-ASCII characters, such as umlauts and accents, into your URLs. The URL Decoder is useful for when you have to encode and decode query strings within web forms.

What is URL decoding, and how it works?

URL decoding is the process of converting encoded characters into the actual readable characters. This explains the process of unencoding URL string. One way to perform URL decoding is decodeURI() / decodeURIComponent() . These methods takes single argument, the string to decode, and converts encoded characters into the actual readable characters. This method is used for conversion of a string of characters into a string of Unicode characters. It does not perform decoding of escape sequences. Another way to convert encoded characters into the actual readable characters is decodeURIComponent() . It takes two arguments - the string to decode, and the context. It performs decoding of escape sequences and is case-sensitive.

How To Decode URL?

To decode URL visit WebeTool.com and search URL decode tool. Then paste the URL you want to decode, with this decoding tool. Now click on the Decode button. Now you will get decoded URL instantly.

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