Power Converter

Convert instantly between kilowatts, megawatts, watts and other metrics

Power Converter is an online free tools, it converts Watt to Milliwatt, Kilowatt, Megawatt, or Gigawatt. It is very easy tool to calculate and convert power units.

Every electrical appliance that we use every day requires energy to function and the electricity requirement is not the same for all appliances. This online power converter tool helps you convert power units, so you can set the appropriate power for each gadget.

Power recommendations are written on the label of the gadget For example, a refrigerator requires 0.5-1 kW of electricity to operate. If you have a meter to measure power that only shows units of watts. You can use this tool to convert kilowatts to watts.

How To Use Power Convert?

It is very easy and straightforward, You only have type the Power Supply value in value box and select the power unit between Milliwatt(mW), Watt(W), Kilowatt(kW), Megawatt(MW), and Gigawatt(GW). Now click on the convert button. Immediately you will get your mentioned power unit converted into all other units.

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